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API Technologies SAW Technology


Micro-Optical Transceivers
Critical Data Communication Solutions
Flexible optoelectronic product platform delivers reductions in size and weight higher data transfer rates for harsh environment applications.
high temp microelectronics

High Temperature Electronic Solutions

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Media Converters
COTS-Based, Easy to Integrate
Reduced Size and Weight, Electrical / Optical Media Conversion Solutions for Harsh Environments
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Quad T/R Modules
Solutions for E-Scan & AESA Radar
Line-Replaceable QTRMs – a common building block solution for radar systems and sub-systems integrators.
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Circular Connectors
EMI Filtered Connectors
Premium line of custom & specialty circular connectors designed and manufactured in-house in the UK for Defense & Areospace applications.

Welcome to API Technologies' RF, Microwave & Microelectronics, UK!

A leader in high-performance RF, microwave & microelectronic solutions, the company designs, develops and manufactures one of the world’s largest selections of RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and systems for use in defence, commercial, and space applications. The company offers both Europe and US-based design and manufacturing options.

Featured Solutions for Next-Generation Radar, Defence, Avionics, Space and Harsh Environments:

  • Space Products - Class K
  • High Temperature Electronics Solutions
  • active antenna array units
  • Quad T/R Modules
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Multi-chip Modules & Hybrids
  • Circular Connectors
  • Microelectronic Solutions
  • AESA Transmit Receive Modules
  • Test House Services