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Active Antenna Array Solutions for AESA Radar

Modular Active Antenna Array Unit Solutions, Featuring Line-Replaceable Quad T/R Module 'Common Building Block' Units for Scaleability and Ease of Integration and Repair

Explore the API Technologies scaleable Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) solution for next-generation radar (AESA / E-Scan array), datalink, and satcom applications.

Active Antenna Array Product Solutions:

AESA Overview & Applications

Active Antenna Array, Quad Transmit/Receive Module Solutions

phased array radar

Using a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) approach, API Technologies has developed a solution set that streamlines system integration, simplifies repair, and reduces the cost of ownership of AESA / e-scan array / e-scan radar platforms.

API Technologies' Scaleable AAAU (Active Antenna Array Unit) is constructed from common T/R module building blocks, called Quad Transmit Receive Modules (QTRMs). These QTRMs are contained with-in modular plank assemblies. Multiple applications include datalinks, satcom & radar.

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Features & Specifications

Applications Include:
  • Naval Radar / Marine Radar
  • Airborne Radar
  • Ground-based Radar
  • Vehicle-mounted Radar
  • Air Traffic Control Radar
  • Tactical Data Links including SATCOM on the MOVE
  • E-Scan & Satcom Applications

Benefits & Features of Antenna Array Solutions

Field Upgradable

The solution elements are fully interchangeable, allowing for ease of integration and fast repair. This is in contrast to current Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) solutions, which require the entire platform to be sent back for repairs and upgrades.

Simplified Installation - No Calibration Required

Factory-Calibrated transmit/receive modules are included with the solution, so only antenna offsets need to be uploaded. This significantly speeds time to deployment.

Self-Monitoring Temperature and Cooling Options

The solution offers cooling solutions options to support a variety of platform applications. The unit self-monitors temperature and engages automatic shut down if the internal temperature reaches a critical limit.

AESA Radar Systems & Quad T/R Module Solutions in Detail

Solution Elements:

Scaleable AAAU (Active Antenna Array Unit)

The solution consists of common module Quad Transmit Receive Module (QTRM) building blocks, combined in plank assemblies, which form the Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU). Each individual QTRM features the company’s dual S-Band Transmit / Receive Modules (TRM).

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Modular AESA Radar Solutions and Benefits

Using AESA Radar/E-Scan Radar for Air Traffic Control Radar (ACTR)

AESA is a flexible technology platform that is capable of simultaneous, multi-target tracking. Military organizations have embraced AESA radar for use on defense aviation, ground and martime platforms, missile defense programs, as well as in support of critical satcom systems.

Active Antenna Array Unit - Featured Modular Solution

Active Antenna Array Units (AAAU) have an innovative design ideally suited for radar applications and featurs interchangable Quad Tranmit Recieve Modules (QTRMs).

Benefits of Active Antenna Arrays

Active Array Multi-Function Radars provide more reliability and has the ability to preform high accuracy searches, track initiation, and multi-target tracking.

Company Overview:

Originally Cobham MAL, the business group became part of API Technologies in March 2012. The AESA solution is one outgrowth of the organisation’s 65+ years of heritage developing some of the world’s most trusted high-reliability electronic sub-systems, modules, and components for high-performance aerospace and defence applications.