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Custom Assembly Services

API manufactures equipment that provides a highly effective means of locating, identifying, and providing navigational assistance for a variety of aircraft outside normal radar coverage and range by means of secondary radar.


Custom Assembly Services

Products & Solutions

Chip-On-Board (COB) Assembly

Microelectronic Assembly Solutions for Harsh Environments

API's Chip on Board (COB) design and manufacturing method allows additional functionality to be introduced within the footprint constraints of existing components, eliminating the need to redesign the product package.

We can upgrade or fix your product faster than using an ASIX and more quickly and cheaply than redesigning from scratch.

We can save you time and extend the life of your product.

  • Chip on board is a high-density MCM (Multi-Chip Module) technology that integrates bare semiconductor chips directly on to the interconnect substrate.
  • Fast modification of existing product designs, even whee space is at a premium.
  • Our technique provides the ability to enable variants of the main system without significant cost or time penalty.
  • Efficient heat dissipation is an advantage of COB.
  • Applicable to many substrate technologies
  • High packing density
  • Conformal coatings - spray, dip or brush
  • Mix and match with conventionally packaged components
  • Enhanced thermal characteristics
  • Adapted to high frequencies (higher than IC in an SMD package)

PCB Assembly Services

Microelectronic Assembly Solutions for Harsh Environments

API has established flexible automated assembly lines with a range of pick and place, reflow, In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment.

The automated assembly is supported by teams of skilled and trained staff to provide the specialist assembly and integration techniques required for electrical (including RF), optical and mechanical system build.

  • CAD layout from schematic and bill of materials
  • Design simulation tools
  • Fast turnaround prototype service
  • Full engineering support
  • Obsolescence support
  • Board sizes up to 460mm x 410mm
  • FR4 or duroid based
  • Component placement to 0201 body size
  • Four SMT lines
  • Placement rates 5,000 - 12,000 per hour design dependent
  • Auto and semi-auto BGA attach with full rework capability
  • Surface mount technology using RoHS compliant SnPb solders
  • No-clean and aqueous fluxes
  • IPC 610C certified production operatives
  • Product qualification via independently accredited Test House
  • Low to medium volume production
  • Precision solder cream printing
  • Chip on Board (COB) - mixed technologies
  • Flip-chip attach and under-fill
  • Epoxy dam and fill or silicone encapsulation
  • Real time X-ray inspection
  • Selective wave soldering fo through-hole components
  • Conformal coating for humidity & dust protection
  • Full flying probe and bed-of-nails testing
  • Precision placement to 12 micron accuracy
  • Robotic soldering system with auto-feed solder wire

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