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Active Antenna Array Unit - Featured Modular Solution

For Phased Array Radar Systems, AESA Radar

active antenna array radar

API’s AAAU solution is an innovative design featuring interchangeable Quad Transmit Receive Modules (QTRMs) that come fully calibrated, making them line replaceable for decreased system downtime. It is ideally suited for radar applications such as Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA), as well as data link and satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions, supporting X-, S- and C-band applications. This solution builds upon recent success with high-reliability receiver protectors for use in AESA platforms and focuses on our mission to provide customized, next generation solutions for radar that offer both competitive advantage and superior reliability.

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AAAU Solution Elements

Multiple QTRMs are integrated into a carrier or plank to form a sub-array. The sub-array is then inserted into the AAAU. Since the QTRM comes factory calibrated, all this can be done in the field requiring only an antenna offset to be uploaded, thus making it fully interchangeable and field upgradeable. The solution incorporates COTS components and is designed and manufactured in the UK.

API Technologies also has a range of cooling solutions to support different platform applications that can either be implemented at QTRM level or at the plank level.

API's family of RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products – including amplifiers and amplifier subsystems, microelectronics, integrated microwave assemblies, system-level-ready active sub-arrays used in AESA radars, microwave filters, and passive and active RF components – are designed to provide solutions for a wide range of applications including:

  • mission critical radar
  • military defence
  • electronic warfare (EW) systems
  • military communications, including tactical radios and satellite communications
  • wireless, broadband communication, and space applications

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