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API Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of design, manufacture and test solutions for integrated optoelectronic modules. The modules are based upon a range of enabling technologies including optical fibre alignment and splicing, three-dimensional ceramic structures, chip-and-wire assembly and hermetic sealing.

Explore API's Optoelectronics Solutions:

Optical Electronics
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Optoelectronics Solutions

OPTO-Fire Optical Core Product Platform

U.K. designed and manufactured high reliability retrofit solution

Designed to address the harsh environment market need for a retrofit solution designed to significantly reduce size and weight requirements in airborne, naval, and renewable energy applications, the OPTO-Fire “optic core” offers a replacement for traditional copper cabling while delivering improved data transfer performance. Designed and manufactured in the U.K., this Harsh Environment Optical Transceiver offers some of the industry’s smallest footprints and an adaptable, protocol agnostic system design.

  • Single channel core covers data transfer rates from 20Mbps to 12.5Gbps providing future proof system integration
  • -50°C to +100°C expanded operating temperature for enhanced reliability in harsh environments
  • Proven error free performance over 1.1km of multimode fibre
  • Stable performance (<1dB Tx optical output) across the full operating temperature range
  • Protocol agnostic giving flexibility to system design
  • Ultra-low power consumption (100mW/channel @3.3V) for minimised power drain
  • Single, dual, triple, and quad channel units are available on same micro footprint reducing integration dimensions
  • Radiation Tolerant Circuitry for harsh environments
  • Provides a uniquely flexible core to design and integrate into communication systems & media converter style solutions where data transfer reliability is critical
  • Enables ease of use of products and services
  • Optic Core is factory configured and requires minimal external circuitry and control systems
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.K. in accordance with MIL PRF-38534 Class H & K
  • Evaluation and test boards are available by contacting us

High Performance Electrical Optical Media Converter

38999 EMI connector, opto-electrical converter

Leveraging our expertise in high temperature and opto-electronic technology, the new media converters offer a UK made low-to-high speed secure data communications solution specifically developed for the harsh environments of military and commercial avionics, subsea communications and military vehicle platforms.

Designed to be an intrinsically safe alternative to copper based electrical cables, these EMI 38999 intermateable converters provide an easy retrofit solution, configured and optimised for specific end-user system needs.

  • Low to High speed secure data communications
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to +95°C
  • Low power consumption (+3.3V supply)
  • Suitable for single or multi mode optical fibre transmission
  • Built-in-Test and status monitoring
  • Lightweight and easily integrated within confined spaces
  • Intermateable with EMI 38999 hermetic sealed connectors
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Designed, qualified and manufactured in the UK
  • Aircraft avionics and military vehicle platforms
  • Towed arrays
  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) communications
  • Broadcasting and video links
  • Subsea communications
  • Renewable energy data communication

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